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Professional Asbestos Removal and Re-roofing.

Asbestos removal, disposal and re-roofing services across Southeast Queensland, Brisbane, Brisbane Northside, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


    Asbestos removal specialists.

    Asbestos Eliminator offers a fully-integrated and comprehensive asbestos removal, disposal and re-roofing service. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and a decade’s worth of experience in the asbestos removal industry, our experienced, professional and fully-licensed team are your asbestos removal specialists, guaranteeing the safe, clean and reliable removal of asbestos in your property.

    We don’t just remove asbestos – we eliminate it.

    Asbestos removal, disposal and re-roofing services.

    Asbestos Eliminator offers a range of asbestos-related services undertaken by our team of professionally trained, qualified and certified asbestos removal specialists, including:


    Asbestos Eliminator provides inspection and identification of construction materials suspected to contain asbestos.


    Asbestos Eliminator is certified and licensed to remove both friable (Class A) and non-friable (Class B) or bonded asbestos.


    Asbestos Eliminator follows all Queensland regulatory requirements for the safe disposal of asbestos.


    Asbestos Eliminator provides inspection, identification, removal and disposal of roofing suspected to contain asbestos.


    The Asbestos Eliminator team is licensed to re-roof and replace asbestos-containing roofs with metal Colorbond roofing.


    Asbestos Eliminator has the licences and commercial equipment to safely remove loose ‘Cool Or Cosy’ insulation.


    As part of re-roofing your property, Asbestos Eliminator can install insulation batts in your property’s ceiling space.

    I can't speak highly enough of the Asbestos Eliminator. Jacob was incredibly professional in our dealings, he didn't muck around and has been great in removing my asbestos.


    Jacob from the Asbestos Eliminator removed the asbestos sheeting from my granny flat and has done a brilliant job doing so. I would definitely use his services again he was great.


    We were really happy with the service. Jacob gave us suggestions on what we can do. He is also cost effective.


    For a recent project Jacob Zangara was recommended to ourselves by a builder for the removal of asbestos to a pre-war home. We found his services to be timely, well priced, and professional. We were also impressed by the cleanliness in which the site was left.


    The work was immaculate well beyond expectation. What was left of my home was absolutely spotless! Great communication, available every time I called, and clearance certificate received immediately. I could not be happier with Jake and his crew and highly recommend them. Forget the rest and book these guys with complete confidence.


    Jake and his team were fantastic, I strongly recommend this company including, price, professionalism, a top bloke with a great team. Couldn't have been happier. I will be getting Jake back when it's time to strip my asbestos bathroom.


    Very professional, Honest and good job, left me completely satisfy and I am ready to recommend Jake anytime any day.


    We recently had the asbestos removed from our three bedroom cottage and Jake and his men did a fantastic job. Expert removal and clean up in a very short time, not a spec of asbestos left behind and items required to be reinstalled placed neatly in the shed. I can’t praise this crew enough, great job.


    We contacted a few companies but decided to use Asbestos Eliminators as they were competitively priced and were able to not only remove the old roof but replace with a new one. Jacob and his team were efficient, professional and easy to work with. The whole job was completed with no problems and in great time.


    Was really happy with Asbestos Eliminator. They were quick to quote and were really reasonably priced and were in constant communication leading up to removal day. On the day, they arrived on time and got the work done when they said they would. Our builder has commented on the neatness of their work, saying compared to other sites he'd worked on, they did a really clean, thorough job. Would definitely recommend.


    Jacob and the boys provide an awesome service to Brisbane. We only trust Asbestos Eliminator with all of our asbestos removals for our projects. Excellent service done right, everytime.


    Found asbestos in our bathroom and these guys came in and gutted our entire bathroom (floor to ceiling, including the vanity, bath, etc.). You would not have known they'd ever been in our house, save for the freshly gutted room. They've left us with a neat and clean canvas ready to re-sheet. Highly recommend, thanks so much.


    Outstanding! simply remarkable what this team does in delivering peace of mind. Incredible attention to detail in making that sign off 100% real. Cannot recommend Jake and his boys enough. We're so happy to have the start we always wanted - Asbestos Free!


    Jake and Nick have been nothing but professional, efficient, very competitively priced and have been able to turn up at short notice to fit in with other trades and our schedule. Often with small jobs, you go to the bottom of the pile, but Jake and Nick have done all they can to help us out. We have nothing but good things to say about the Asbestos Eliminators team.


    We had all of our asbestos internal walls, ceilings and roof removed. I was very impressed with how quickly the asbestos team completed the work. It is always a nice surprise when a job is completed ahead of schedule.


    =Jake was an absolute pleasure to have. He was extremely professional and constantly stayed in contact with us to keep us up to date. What we were most impressed with was his flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs. This was extremely professional but also demonstrated care and commitment to his clients. He listened to our ideas and showed genuine interest in our final product. We will certainly invite him back should we need his services again.


    I would highly recommend Asbestos Eliminator. I called up Jacob to get a quote for a small job I had and I found him to be polite, punctual and professional. After my last experience with a different Asbestos removal company I was a little concerned but Jacob did a fantastic job at a great price. I will be using him again to remove some more Asbestos and will be recommending him to my family. Thanks again.


    The Asbestos Eliminator Blog.

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    Thanks to its fire-resistance, flexibility and affordability, asbestos was widely used throughout the 1900s in construction materials like fencing, roofing, sheeting and insulation - to name just a few. But as asbestos…
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    How do I get rid of asbestos?

    If you’ve discovered asbestos in your home, your next question is most likely going to be ‘how do I get rid of asbestos?’. Because of the health dangers associated with asbestos, there…
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    What to do if you have asbestos in your home.

    Today, the use of asbestos is illegal in Australia and in most countries. Despite its ban in 2003, one in three homes in Australia may still contain asbestos, which is usually discovered…
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    How do I tell if I have asbestos in my home?

    With asbestos being the construction material of choice for roofing, sheeting, pipes, fences, electrical insulation, guttering, pipes (and much more) throughout the 1900s, if your house was built before the 80s, it’s…


    Frequently asked questions.

    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that is highly heat-proof as well as being resistant to water, electricity and chemicals. Because of these properties, it was widely used throughout the 1900s in construction materials such as wall-linings, roofing, insulation, vinyl flooring (or ‘lino’) and fencing.

    These qualities may have made asbestos the building material of choice in the post-war housing boom, but it’s also these qualities – or rather its fibrous crystalline structure – that led to its ban in Australia in 2003.

    When broken down, asbestos releases tiny, microscopic particles into the air that we can neither see, taste, smell or touch and once those particles enter our lungs they can leads to dangerous and even fatal lung-related diseases.

    Read more about asbestos and why it was used…

    How do I know if my walls, roof or house contains asbestos?

    It’s estimated that a third of all homes in Australia contain asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. Chances are that if your house was built or renovated before 1987, that your house will most likely contain asbestos.

    The only way to know for sure if your property contains asbestos is to conduct a test on the material or have a licensed asbestos removal specialist such as Asbestos Eliminator inspect the property for you.

    Find out more about where you may find asbestos in your home.

    What do I do if I think I may have asbestos in my property?

    It is important to treat all suspected asbestos with caution due to the health dangers associated with asbestos. Do not disturb, break up or expose any materials you suspect may contain asbestos and contact an asbestos removal specialist like Asbestos Eliminators for a free inspection and quote for removal.

    Read more on what to do if you think you have found asbestos in your home.

    Can I remove asbestos myself?

    In Australia there are strict rules around the removal of asbestos and licences may be required to remove asbestos.

    Though it is not recommended to remove asbestos yourself due to the huge health risks asbestos presents, no licences are required to remove up to 10m2 of ‘non-friable’ (or asbestos fibres reinforced with a bonding compound) asbestos or asbestos-containing material according to Safe Work Australia.

    For removal of ‘friable’ asbestos (or asbestos that can be crumbled or turned into a powder by hand) or non-friable asbestos over 10m2 you will require a licensed asbestos removal professional or company such as Asbestos Eliminator.

    Find out more about how to get rid of asbestos.

    How do I get asbestos removed professionally?

    Asbestos Eliminators are fully trained, qualified and experienced in the professional removal of asbestos in both residential and commercial properties.

    If you would like a free inspection and quote for the removal and disposal of asbestos in your property, please contact us for a free quote.

    Asbestos Eliminators are licensed to remove both friable (Class A) and non-friable (Class B) asbestos in Queensland.

    Get a free asbestos removal quote.