Asbestos Disposal Services

Asbestos Eliminator is a Queensland owned and operated asbestos contractor offering a comprehensive range of asbestos removal, carpentry services.

Our Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Disposal & Roofing Services

With over 10 years of proven experience within the Queensland construction sector with an asbestos removal focus, Asbestos Eliminator works with customers by providing a fully integrated asbestos management service across residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects encompassing:

  • Asbestos identification and assessment
  • Asbestos risk management planning
  • Asbestos disposal services
  • Asbestos removal services
  • Renovation and re-sheeting services
  • Asbestos consulting services
  • Asbestos safety management – Asbestos Removal Control Plans and Work Method Statement

These services are all backed up by the ‘Asbestos Elimination Process’ which provides a detailed framework outlining our approach to the assessment, identification, removal and disposal of asbestos sheeting and roofing. This process has been built on safety and a commitment to quality and is stringently adhered to by all team members.

Asbestos Eliminators possesses all required certifications and accreditation to operate as an asbestos removal contractor and also only employs personnel who have demonstrated experience. This experience is backed up by continual training and development opportunities ensuring our team is one of the best going around!

For an obligation free quote on how Asbestos Eliminator can help you with asbestos removal project, please contact us.

We don’t just remove your asbestos problem, we eliminate it.

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