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The assessment, removal and disposal of asbestos is a highly risk laden activity and with it comes a requirement to be totally compliant with Queensland legislation, regulations and requirements which are aligned with safety.


The Asbestos Eliminator team is committed to delivering all asbestos removal related activities in complete compliance with Queensland Government requirements. Our focus and dedication in ensuring that all of our activities are undertaken in the most effective way is backed up our own patented Asbestos Elimination Process which is aligned with all requirements stipulated by visiting Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.


These requirements, as per the Asbestos Removal Work section of the WHS site are summarised briefly below.

  • Businesses must hold the correct license in order to undertake licensed asbestos work
  • Individual workers carrying out removal work must meet certain training requirements
  • Asbestos removal licenses issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are valid for five years

For relevant information sourced from the WHSQ website, which has many useful resources, can be found below for our customers ease. Asbestos Eliminator is experienced in the performing all services as per the requirements and guidelines stipulated below. We possess all necessary accreditation and documentation and can supply evidence of these at our customer’s request.

Requirements for licensed asbestos work

  • Getting a copy of the asbestos register for the workplace
  • Preparing asbestos removal control plans and making them readily accessible
  • Informing people before asbestos removal work starts
  • Erecting signage and barricades
  • Limiting access to the asbestos removal work area
  • Having decontamination facilities available
  • Disposing of asbestos waste properly
  • Being aware of additional requirements for class A asbestos removal work, including air monitoring
  • Notifying WHSQ five days prior to work commencing.

Documentation requirements

As well as the above requirements, there are a number of key documents that must be completed and provided prior to any asbestos removal; disposal and resulting renovation work can be completed.

These documents include:

Asbestos removal control plan

A licensed asbestos removalist must prepare and document an asbestos removal control plan for any licensed asbestos removal work. The asbestos removal control plan must include:

  • Details of how the asbestos removal will be carried out, including the method to be used and the tools, equipment and personal protective equipment to be used
  • Details of the asbestos to be removed, including location, type and condition of the asbestos.

Safe work method statement (SWMS)

A person conducting a business or undertaking (a PCBU) carrying out high risk construction work must prepare and document a safe work method statement (SWMS). High risk construction work includes construction work that involves or is likely to involve, the disturbance of asbestos. A SWMS must:

  • Identify the high risk construction work
  • State hazards relating to the high risk construction work and risks to health and safety associated with those hazards
  • Describe the measures to be implemented to control the risks
  • Describe how the control measures are to be implemented, monitored and reviewed

Requirements for demolition

Asbestos Eliminators offers a full demolition service. As a full service provider, we must adhere to Queensland requirements and are fully compliant with the below:

  • Providing or obtaining copies of asbestos registers
  • Determining if asbestos is present before carrying out work if there is no asbestos register
  • Removing asbestos that could be disturbed so far as is reasonably practicable
  • being aware of extra provisions before starting demolition work on structurally unsound plant or structures and:
  • Developing a procedure to reduce the risk of exposing workers and other people in the vicinity of the demolition site to asbestos to below the exposure standard
  • Notifying WHSQ before work starts to demolish the structurally unsound plant or structure

Asbestos Eliminator services and their compliance with WHSQ requirements

The information on this page has been sourced from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Asbestos Eliminator has chosen to include this key information on our website to provide information on the requirements that must be adhered to. At Asbestos Eliminators, all of the above fundamental elements of licensed asbestos removal are covered in our Asbestos Elimination Process (link to Asbestos Elimination page here). This process has been designed to deliver maximum value to our clients whilst ensuring that all works are 100% compliant.

More resources can be found on the WHSQ website.


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