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Our Patented Asbestos Elimination Process

When you engage Asbestos Eliminators to provide specialist asbestos removal  services on your Queensland project, you can rest assured you’re engaging a team of experts who can get the job done safely and efficiently.  Our experienced team of personnel are well versed in the removal of asbestos sheeting and roofing and all possess the required on the job experience, certifications and technical training.

Of course, on the job experience and technical training is only just one facet to service delivery.  Having a sound process built into our approach is integral to ensure project success.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Asbestos Elimination Process; a structured and robust series of steps to asbestos removal and management that must be adhered to by all of our staff. Our team are run through this process and audited on it frequently to ensure they understand it and its application to your project. The management team at Asbestos Eliminators have designed this process to be aligned with asbestos removal Queensland government legislation that must be adhered to by asbestos removal contractors.

Asbestos Eliminators are committed to this process and delivering on your asbestos removal goals on time and on budget. If you have any questions about our asbestos elimination process, please do not hesitate

  1. Apply all personal protective equipment – disposable suits, respirators, gloves
  2. Remove moulding and building material attached to asbestos sheeting
  3. Remove nail fixings holding the asbestos sheets
  4. Remove sheets in full (no breaking up ensuring minimal displacement of asbestos fibres)
  5. De-nail remaining fixings
  6. Wrap asbestos sheets and seal in double line with plastic – two main packs or stack for placement into truck lined with plastic (method dependent on access)
  7. Vacuum work area for asbestos debris and build conduct additional sweep for a spotless, asbestos free timber frame and floor
  8. Remove asbestos dags around nail fixings
  9. Remove packs from work area into truck or remove stacked sheets into lined asbestos truck
  10. Remove and dispose of all plastic used as drop sheets from the work area into truck and HEPA vacuum entire project area
  11. Have work area and surrounding areas cleared and then air monitoring is reported on by an independently certified agent to ensure peace of mind
  12. Once cleared, frame is sprayed with a watered down PVA spray
  13. All openings are closed and sealed with tap and plastic to ensure asbestos is zoned off
  14. All tools are cleaned with spray and all PPE used is disposed of in safe fashion
  15. Transport and dispose of all double wrapped asbestos sheeting at licensed tip

We don’t just remove your asbestos problem, we eliminate it.


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