Asbestos Removal and Re-roofing – Our Approach



Our Project Approach 

The management of asbestos removal  can be an incredibly daunting task for anyone. It is not as simple as knocking down walls or removing roof sheeting – the entire project must be carefully mapped out with clear steps outlined to ensure each unique project is delivered safely and with minimal environmental impacts. Ensuring a project is compliant with Queensland Government requirements is vital.


Asbestos Eliminator understands that customers may not be aware of the complexities involved in the removal of asbestos and, in an effort to promote transparency and clarity; we have mapped out a series of steps outlining how we achieve the end result right from the quotation stage. Our project approach below has been designed to be aligned with all regulatory requirements whilst still providing you, the customer, with an overarching view of the project and its deliverables.


Our project approach is as follows:

  1. Receive phone call or email regarding obligation free quote
  2. Arrange a time/appointment that suits client requirements
  3. Arrive on site and meet with client to discuss project
  4. Client shows areas of house that may need asbestos removed
  5. Asbestos Eliminator conducts in-depth site assessment which includes:
    1. Size of area
    2. Visual identification of potential asbestos hazards
    3. Asbestos sample collection for lab testing
  6. Asbestos Eliminator team member will discuss all legislative requirements required to be complied with as well as all OH&S requirements for safe removal and disposal of asbestos
  7. Asbestos Eliminator notifies WHSQ five days prior to removal
  8. Client is advised that they are not able to access the area whilst removal works are being undertaken
  9. We run through the Asbestos Elimination Process
  10. Work commences with Asbestos Eliminator team arriving on site at 7am
  11. Discuss Asbestos Eliminator Safety Control
  12. Neighbouring properties are advised of the project
  13. Team meeting to discuss project goals and objectives as well as highlight safety
  14. Team commences work with regular updates provided to the customer
  15. Asbestos is safely removed and disposed of and all site quarantine protocols are adhered to

We don’t just remove your asbestos problem, we eliminate it.


Resources – Queensland Government


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